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Name: Wayne Swinny
Cause of death: Brain hemorrhage
Location: Wayne was in the ICU after having the medical emergency.
Age: 59
Source: (tmz.com)

Name: Matthew Smith
Cause of death: Medical incident during training exercises.
Location: Bartow County Fire & Emergency Services
Age: Unknown
Source: (fox5atlanta.com)

Name: Clint Boone
Cause of death: His cause of death has yet to be determined.
Location: USA
Age: 50’s
Source: The US Sun (the-sun.com)

Name: Jude Moore
Cause of death: Dies Suddenly
Location: Bristol, England
Age: 19
Details: Boxing Champion Dies Suddenly at 19, Parents Left with ‘No Answers’ on Death.
Source: (westernjournal.com)

Name: Clayton Soyka
Cause of death: His cause of death is currently unknown.
Age: 47
Source: Daily Mail Online

Name: Peter Baddoo
Cause of death: Passed away suddenly on Feb. 15 while playing basketball on campus.
Location: UK
Age: 29
Source: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Most Causes of Death Are:

Heart Attack

Blood Clots




Note: I know that you will not be satisfied with the above words. We know exactly what the real cause of d**** is but of course we can’t reveal it here. Sorry about that, I hope you understand

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