Cause of the accident: Medical episode
Location: Blaxland, Australia
Age: Unknown
Details: Fire and Rescue NSW was able to free him so we could assess and treat him for a suspected head injury. Inspector Emily Stevens said today’s incident was a great multi-agency effort to achieve the best possible outcome for the patient.
He was taken to Westmead Hospital with a specialist medical team on board.

Source: (2) Facebook

Died Suddenly – After Collapsed

Name: Paul Grant
Cause of death: After the collapse
Age: 56
Details: Family members said Paul Grant’s life support machine was switched off on Sunday, after he was found by police collapsed outside Kings’ Cross station on Thursday afternoon
Source: Irish Mirror Online

Died Unexpectedly

Name: Steven Turpin
Cause of death: The department did not release any other details about his death.
Location: The Fort Worth Fire Department, Texas
Age: Unknown
Source: (

Name: Jehane Thomas
Cause of death: Having battled “bouts of illness and migraines”.
Location: UK
Age: 30
Details: A beloved British TikTok star and mother of two, Jehane Thomas, has tragically died “unexpectedly” at the age of 30.

Name: Gloria Bosman 
Cause of death: Bosman died on Tuesday following a short illness, her family announced.
Location: South African
Age: 50
Source: AP News

Died In Sleep

Name: Marius Timofte
Cause of death: Cough
Location: Alnwickhill in Edinburgh
Age: 33
Details: Found dead in bed with phone in hand after telling mum he had a cough
Source: (Mirror Online)

Name: Kyle White
Cause of death: ‘As most people know, he has been dealing with some issues of late.’
Age: 53
Details:  The Penrith local died in his sleep on Monday night, his brother has confirmed.
Source: (7NEWS)

Cardiac Arrest

Name: Kevin Greenidge
Cause of death: Cardiac arrest
Location: New York
Age: Unknown
Source:  (Fox Business)

Name: Kevin Greenidge
Cause of death: A pilot was revived after going into cardiac arrest when his light plane crashed and flipped on impact at an airport in Sydney‘s southwest.
Location: Australia
Age: 60s
Details: ThePilot’s heart is restarted after his light plane crashes and flips at a Sydney airport. 
Source: Daily Mail Online

Name: Unknown
Cause of death: Cardiac arrest
Location:  Pardi village of Nirmal district, Hyderabad, India
Age: 19
Details: A 19-year-old boy died in the southern Indian state of Telangana while dancing during a wedding. The boy collapsed on the ground in the middle of his routine, with doctors suggesting that he may have suffered a cardiac arrest. 
Source: (

Died Suddenly

Name: Matthew Smith
Cause of death: Medical incident during training exercises.
Location: Bartow County Fire & Emergency Services
Age: Unknown
Source: (

Name: Wayne Swinny
Cause of death: Brain hemorrhage
Location: Wayne was in the ICU after having the medical emergency.
Age: 59
Source: (

Name: Jude Moore
Cause of death: Dies Suddenly
Location: Bristol, England
Age: 19
Details: Boxing Champion Dies Suddenly at 19, Parents Left with ‘No Answers’ on Death.
Source: (

Name: Clayton Soyka
Cause of death: His cause of death is currently unknown.
Age: 47
Source: Daily Mail Online

Name: Clint Boone
Cause of death: His cause of death has yet to be determined.
Location: USA
Age: 50’s
Source: The US Sun (

Name: 16
Cause of death: It is not yet known what caused
Location: German
Age: 16
Details: Talented young footballer dies aged 16 as heartbroken club pay moving tribute
Source:  The Sun

Name: Peter Baddoo
Cause of death: Passed away suddenly on Feb. 15 while playing basketball on campus.
Location: UK
Age: 29
Source: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Name: Peter Hardy
Cause of death: Found dead at Australia beach days after flying over from London
Location: Australia
Age: 66
Details: Bystanders are understood to have desperately tried to save his life, performing CPR on the beach until paramedics arrived. Tragically, emergency crews were unable to save him and he died at the scene.
Source:  The Sun

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