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It is hard to believe that LEDO has been making pizza since 1955. After all, pizza seemed to be a passing trend when a restaurant opened near the University of Maryland.

Ledo Pizza is rolled to order with fresh handmade dough, topped with the same high-quality Smoked Provolone cheese and the same style tomatoes that were used back in 1955. It may take a little longer, but it sure is worth it and stays true to the tradition of Ledo Pizza.

The concept was simple: to provide high-quality food at a great value in a comfortable, family atmosphere.

The legacy lives on today. The families that created LEDO Pizza now pass the tradition to other families in new areas. These franchises uphold the high standards that made the LEDO Pizza famous. Very little has changed since 1955. The pizza is still made the same way.

There are some unique qualities of LEDO Pizza that come from its long history. People often ask why LEDO Pizza is rectangular. The round pizza pans commonly seen today were very new in the fifties. Rectangular baking pans were readily available, hence the square pizza. Since that time, round pans have become the rage as pizza operators are able to cut costs by giving the appearance of more, while actually offering less. Our thick pepperoni is also a LEDO trademark.

Its unique size resulted from the cooks cutting the pepperoni by hand. The thicker the slice, the faster the work was finished. The customers loved it so much we kept doing it that way. While our entrees and subs have a somewhat shorter history, they have become famous as well. All of our subs are made with freshly baked bread and stuffed with our favorite items. Our Italian salad is large enough for a meal and comes with our famous LEDO salad dressing. Other delicious entrees include lasagna, spaghetti, soup, salad, and breadsticks.

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A unit franchise is a single Ledo Pizza. You are granted a single franchise in the area approved by Ledo Pizza. This type of franchise is suited for those who want to maximize the business by focusing on one unit.

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A regional franchise will only be granted to those that have a very strong financial backing. This requires a lot of commitment and resources. Usually, the franchisee will generally be granted two or more are franchises. The requirements are much the same as the area franchise.

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